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Penny's Recorder Books
music program for children

Why learn to play the recorder?

  • Affordable.
  • Easy to learn and play.
  • Good choice for any beginning musician--child or adult.
  • Fits child’s hands--the holes are close together.
  • Perfect instrument for music education--classroom or home.
  • Great vehicle for learning to read music.
    Linky Lanky
  • Gain confidence and skills to learn another instrument.

To learn more and for free rhythm lessons, go to www.ninenote.com .
FREE INTRO: Print out 5 pages from this book for school or home.

What is a good recorder method to use in the home?

The New Nine-Note Recorder Method!
     Features of The New Nine-Note Recorder Method:

  • Learn only the 9 easiest notes to play on soprano
  • Built-in music stand
  • Fold-out fingering charts
  • Features 147 songs, including over 50 duets
    Native American & Korean
    • Children’s songs
    • Folk songs and dances
    • Classics and early music
    • Multicultural & Native American songshigh quality Aulos soprano
    • Christmas carols
  • Standard music notation in large print
  • Designed for classroom and homes
    • No music background is necessary
elementary recorder music

“This is certainly the most student-friendly recorder tutor I have come across...An excellent resource for classroom teachers...High quality resource... Definitely recommended.” –Geoffrey Allen, American Recorder reviewer

Recommended recorder:
Aulos soprano model 503
Aulos soprano model 703

mixed consort

For live wedding music in the Wasatch Front (Utah) by a mixed consort, contact penny9note@gmail.com
 Or visit 

See hymn books of easy recorder duets.