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20 Questions about Charlotte Mason

cm portraitCharlotte Mason’s philosophy of education is becoming more popular as people realize what a simple, yet profound, method it is. Still, many educators have never been introduced to Charlotte Mason’s ideas. Here are 20 commonly asked questions with brief answers to give you a quick overview.

1. Who was Charlotte Mason? When did she live? Charlotte Mason was an innovative educator who developed a unique approach to education and wrote a series of books about it. She wanted all children to have a broad, liberal education and to be allowed to reach their full potential. She started a teacher's training college and many parents who educated their children at home flocked to her ideas. This method was also used in about 300 schools in England. cmsg smCharlotte, a native of England, lived from 1842-1923.

2. What are the benefits of using her approach? This is true learning -- not superficial. Children's listening, attention, comprehension, retention, speaking, and writing skills all improve from using narration as a major part of education. It takes the burden of teaching off you; it puts the burden of learning on the child. This approach gives the child a broad, liberal education..

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