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Spelling Component of Penny's Reading Program

1. Go to

2. Click on the “Find a List” tab.

3. Search for Penny Gardner.

4. Click on my hyper-linked name.

5. Play around with the short list for parents to learn what
the free version will do.

find a list SC hyperlinked name SC

6. Scroll down to find the easier lists. Set 1 corresponds to Set 1 of the Build-a-Sentence activity.

spelling lists SC

Scroll down. The list for Set 1 is at the very bottom of the list.

spelling lists SC-bottom

The spelling lists start with some sight words and then move into spelling phonetic words. Children should be able to build/spell other words not on the list. The focus is on gaining tools to spell words, not on memorizing a list for a weekly test. Print this PDF of suggested words to build for each set of spelling words and build-a-sentence game. Spelling and reading should go hand-in-hand to develop good readers with useful spelling skills.

spelling games SC
spelling games SC-b
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